Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bierstadt + Evans

So I usually don't like posting the same type of thing back to back...

But I did another pair of 14ers!  This time it was Mount Bierstadt (which is impossible to spell) and Mount Evans!

Went with a totally different group of people, new mountains, different atmosphere, but the same breath-taking views.

Looking over these pictures, in light of the dozen fires that have been blazing through Colorado, my heart sinks.  It is devastating to see the smoke fill the air.  Knowing it will take generations for all those trees to grow back to their prior beauty.  My heart goes out to all the families and small businesses that are being evacuated.  Please keep these beautiful mountains, the homes, and all the families in your prayers that are being affected right now.

GOD: send the rain!!

At the top of Mt Bierstadt: 14, 065 ft

Sawtooth Pass: technical + sketch = awesome!

Can you spot the marmot?

Siesta at the top of Mt Evans: 14,265 ft

You can drive to the top of Evans.  It was a zoo.

Our descent was through the swamp.  Can you say, "Man vs. Wild"!?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grays & Torreys

It's not everyday you get to hike for hours and get views from the top of the world.  But oh baby, that's exactly what we did!

With the car full, we left at the crack 'o dawn and drove into the dark mountains with some country music blarin'.  We saw the sunrise as we trucked up the 14,000 foot mountain, singing songs, joking, getting way too close to wildlife, and trying to breathe.  But alas, we made it.

Let me tell was worth every second of lost sleep and tired muscles.  So we hiked to the top of both Grays & Torreys' peaks!  So stinkin' every way.

If you are willing and if your body is capable, I believe everyone should try to do this at some point in their life.  The views will blow your mind.

Some photos from on top o' the world:

Enjoying the sunrise.  Can you say, 'Gorgeous lighting'!?

These guys were right on the trail.  So awesome (and way too close!)

Some Boulder kids decided they wanted to smoke some pot at the top. Classic.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Denver Color Run

It is called "The Happiest 5K on Earth".

They don't brag of being the best 5K for no reason.  Let me tell you, getting dyed corn starch thrown at you is SO much fun.  At each kilometer we passed, they threw a different color at us.  By the end of the race we were covered in color.  Between laughing, dance-runnng (yes, it's possible!), and having way too much fun with friends, we all completed this 5K in Denver.

If you're looking for a 5K to do, look no further:



Photo by Katy Owens: