Tuesday, January 24, 2012

pictures of pictures

This past weekend some of my extended family came into town.

They came bearing amazing old photographs dating back to my grandparent's honeymoon.

I just LOVE these pictures...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Allison + Justus

A few days after Christmas, my sister, Ky,  and I got to take some pictures of Allison & Justus.

Check out Ky's awesome pics from the day on her WEBSITE! 

Allison and I grew up together.  Ever since I can remember, we were side by side, wearing our matching "BFF" necklaces.  Hours were spent in their basement playing house.  Pretending we were married with kids.

And now here she is, with her love, Justus.

It was such a blast to get to see her again.  To see her all grown up.  To see her in love.

The Marine + the ballerina...

yes, they had a snowball fight. haha great idea, Justus!

I love her Aussie dress

Peace + Love

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Colorado Stock Show

Spur the moment, Alyssa, Irene and I went to the stock show.

I wore my cowgirl boots in hope of fitting in...however, I could not have felt more out of place.  It truly is a world inside of a world.  A different way of life.

But man did we have some good laughs & good times.

I love friends.
I love meeting random people.
And I love learning about how other people live their lives.

Right before the goat sneezed all over her face...

(ill quality picture but...) This is what I was doing when we met...

Our new friend, Dean.  He gave us two of his old ribbons he won back in the day.  We talked for probably a half an hour.  Favorite line from him: "Do you know how to tell the difference between a male crocodile and a female crocodile?!  The female ones always got their mouths open!" hahaha

We found this awesome green building...and of course had to take pictures 


Irene and I were being ridiculous in the doorway...

when a huge truck of gorgeous cowboys drove by...windows down, staring at us. 
Embarrassing + hilarious.